Sunday, August 18, 2013

Perfection is Overrated

Perfection is overrated. How we often discourage ourselves from succeeding.

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As people, we try to do all sorts of things in our lives. We attempt to get fit, be smarter, look better, make more money…on and on it goes. And there is certainly nothing wrong with that. 

It’s when we try to be perfect, even at the starting phase, that we sabotage ourselves and seal our own fate. Unless this thing we are trying to do is incredibly easy, our chances at perfection are virtually nil.

Why do we tend to overreach?
Our minds are excellent at making comparisons. But it’s those very comparisons that we make that often discourage us in our life’s pursuits. Here are some of the natural comparisons we all make when aiming for a particular goal:
People wanting to make more money tend to look at the high profile billionaires.

People aiming to lose weight look to super models.

When trying to get fit, people look at athletes and body builders.

Someone looking for a better relationship often make a comparison from something they find touching in a book or on television.

We make those comparisons because they are easy comparisons to make. Our templates and examples are plastered all over the media in one way or another. Sadly, we tend to completely overlook the downsides to our target caparisons.

Some of the billionaires were responsible for crippling the economy. A few have gone to prison as a result.

Super models eat very little and keep up a torrid pace of running and working out to maintain their figures.

Many athletes have taken performance enhancing drugs to get a competitive edge, either getting banned from their sport, or degrading their bodies overall health for this edge.

As for relationships? If we all found the perfect mate, who would always do the romantic things we see in the movies and books, they would probably bore us to death. If these fictitious characters scratched their behinds in public, wiped runny noses with their sleeves, left the lid up in the bathroom, and forgot to put the lid back on the toothpaste it would be easy to avoid making these comparison. But that doesn’t make for good writing, so obviously we never see those things.

If we aim for realistic example, the ones we find in real life, we are much more apt to continue on our roads, completely avoiding any comparisons that might cripple our chances.
Look for the business owner who is on the rise, doing good things for the community. The ones creating jobs while turning a decent profit.

Look for the people doing laps in the park who are healthy, have lots of energy, but look like they enjoy the occasional buffet diner.

Find those people who are in the gym, trim and toned and strong in a natural way. Find the athlete who stays after practice to field a few more ground balls.

Find those relationships that stood the test of time. Look for those older couples who have been together for twenty years or more. Find out what they are doing and make that your comparison.

In Parting
Always try to take it easy on yourself. Self improvement is a worthwhile goal that we should always strive for. Continuing to reach new heights and grow as people is what life is all about. When we set realistic goals and make realistic comparisons, we are greatly improving our chances of success.
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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Become the Ideal You Today

Become the ideal you today!


If you are working on changing things in your life, chances are you are going to need some practice, especially if it's a far cry from your current situation. The best way I know of to practice is to do as we did as pretend. Research has shown that it is possible to “Fake it until you make it..or become it.” 
Why wait for favorable situations and events to transpire to become your ideal self? You can feel it and live it today…right now! Now is the time to become the ideal you, the one you wish to be. Here is a great way to discover how!

Write down several questions to ask yourself. How does the desired you react to things? How does the desired you treat others? Is the desired you a doer or a thinker? 

After you have asked about a dozen important questions, answer them as simply as possible.

Write affirmations that replace any undesired questions with new desired answers. I always do things I need to do the moment I think of them, for example would answer the question Would the desired me procrastinate?.

Act The Part
Act out those new affirmations as if you were acting or playing, the whole world around you being your stage, everyone you see being extras in your production. True, you will only be  pretending. But if you persistently experience these sensations every day, they will become very real. Instead of a few minutes, you might decide to experience the affirmation all day simply because you would rather experience one emotion or action over another.

Always Easy
Keep everything nice and easy. If a few minutes a day is too overwhelming then cut back to something you could never say no to. Make it ridiculously easy to practice every day.

It Boils Down To Choices!

Quite often, we react to events in our life because we don’t ever think to realize we have a choice in the matter. When we pretend, we live our affirmations. This gives us alternatives to the way we react towards things in the future. Eventually you will desire one way of thinking and doing over another way of thinking and doing. You may be acting but you are not trying to trick yourself or to become something you are not. You are simply making choices.

It is often said that “children learn through play.” Why should we be any different?

Keep track of your progress any way you like. It’s easier to sustain daily goals when you can see that progress.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Get out of your rut

A picture of a maze and stuck in a rut

If you are stuck in a rut, here are a few tricks to get out. 



A rut can be a hard thing to get out of. It’s those days where you feel like your solving a maze or working a puzzle you have already completed a thousand times. But even very small changes to your daily routine can help get you out of your rut surprisingly fast. When you can say to yourself “Well, I didn’t do this yesterday” then you are on the right track.

A few Ideas

  • Change the desktop background on your computer.
  • Change your profile picture in whatever social media clients you use.
  • Take a different route to work.
  • Talk to someone you ordinarily don’t talk to.
  • If you have watch Netflix, Hulu or even Youtube videos and usually watch one genre of videos, switch it up. If you lean towards documentaries or how to videos, watch a few funny videos for example.
  • Get some fresh air. Ruts are the major reason people need vacations. If you are unfortunate enough that a vacation isn’t possible, just get outdoors.
  • Shop in a different place. You might discover a lot by doing this.
  • Rearrange your furniture a little. Change your decorations. Move your pictures and art around a little.
  • Find a new recipe, one that you have never made and cook something different.
  • Play a video game. If you already play video games, select a different genre, preferably a genre you are not very good at.
  • Change the times you do common tasks. If you clean house in a particular order, for example, change the order you clean things. 

There are millions of things you can do to break free from the “same old same old.” While it’s great to have a schedule to get things done in the most effective manner, it’s when that schedule is so engrained that we feel like we are not growing as people that it might be time to make a few harmless changes to our daily lives.
How do you do to get out of a rut? What are some of other easy suggestions to break free that others might benefit from? Share your stories.